Vent Guards

Keeping Critters out with our time-tested Vent Guards

Animals like birds and rodents are notorious for getting into homes through roof or other vents in or on your home. Keep these unwanted intruders out by installing roof vent guards. These roof vent guards are durable and will keep birds, bats or squirrels from getting into your home and causing costly damage.

Critters can be crafty when they want to find a way into your house. You may think that this is a job that you can handle personally, but each species is different. It is best to hire a professional to seal these areas off efficiently and keep your home and family protected.

Not only do vent guards work for roofs, but basement vents, too! Protect your investment and protect your home from animals and pests. Call Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City today at 405.816.9700 or use our online contact form.