Mice, rats and other rodent problemsRodents are considered one of the most notable groups of pests in the world and they're also feared by many. They can certainly be unsettling if you hear or see one in your home, and seeing one rodent can often signify the presence of multiple rodents. Don't be alarmed — that's where the professional rodent removal specialists at Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City can help. We have years of experience with trapping rodents and, most importantly, repairing rodent damage and preventing future rodent problems by incorporating exclusion techniques. Call 405.493.8400 today to get rid of your Oklahoma City rodent problems today!

Common Rodent Problems

Even though they are quite small compared to many wildlife creatures, rodents can do a lot of damage to landscapes and buildings on your property. Some of the more common rodent problems include:

  • Excessive amounts of waste in assorted locations
  • Torn open food containers
  • Chew marks on electrical wires, which can lead to electrical fires
  • Grease marks along walls and doors
  • Illnesses and diseases contracted through coming into contact with their feces or urine
  • Rodents can also be carriers of fleas and ticks, which can transfer to you and your pets

Are Rodents a Real Problem in Oklahoma City?

In short, yes — despite their tiny size, rodents are very unhygienic creatures to have in your home. Rodents are often found in such unhygienic places as dumpsters and therefore carry many deadly diseases and can be hosts to parasites. It is vital to your health and well-being that you do not to attempt your own rodent removal, handle rodents or their excrement in any way unless you are trained. Instead, give Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City a call at 405.493.8400 and we will resolve your rodent problem for good. 

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I travel for work all of the time. My wife does NOT do animals haha, we live out side of the city with some land. These guys have saved my stressed out wife twice already. Professional team and easy to work with.
Emon T.
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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