Raccoons are infamous for wreaking havoc in Oklahoma City backyards and the opposable-thumbed creatures can get into Oklahoma City homes as well, often taking up residence in attics. Even though raccoons may seem friendly, they are a fearsome pest to have on your property—raccoon damage can be much more costly than you'd expect. If you discover a raccoon problem on your Oklahoma City property, don't panic; call the professionals at Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City immediately at 405.816.9700 or provide more information about your raccoon issue here.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal ServicesRaccoons can be directly responsible for excessive damage to both your Oklahoma City property and home, and coming into close contact with one can be dangerous. Some of the most common raccoon problems in the Oklahoma City region include:

  • Searching for food and nesting materials can be destructive 
    • Raccoons are not picky about what they use for nesting materials, and often utilize long grasses and other foliage. Raccoons sometimes construct more than one nesting area, so your technician will thoroughly check each common area.
  • Wall and floor stains from feces and urine
  • Illnesses and diseases contracted by coming into contact with raccoons or raccoon feces
    • Raccoon feces is known to contain roundworm eggs, potentially leading to eye, brain, and heart damage in severe cases.

Professional Raccoon Removal Methods

If you are facing a raccoon problem on your Oklahoma  property, we don't encourage DIY raccoon removal. Like other wildlife, it is best handled by a professional raccoon removal specialist with training and proper equipment. If a raccoon approaches you during the day, especially, please give us a call at 405.816.9700—a healthy raccoon will not approach humans, so there is a serious chance that the raccoon is in fact rabid!

Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City can safely trap, remove, and relocate raccoons and repair raccoon damage. Our service area includes Bethany, Nichols Hills, Edmond, OKC, Midwest City, Choctaw, Shawnee, Norman, & Moore. Call today! 405.816.9700