There's nothing more peaceful than the sound of birds chirping outside your window. However, when that chirping doesn't stop or even starts coming from inside the house, it turns into a problem. The constant tweeting and chirping could drive anyone mad. Any species of these flying creatures can cause problems. That being said, there are many laws preventing/governing the removal of specific kinds. You could be breaking the law by taking care of your bird issues by yourself.

That's where the Wildlife X Team of Oklahoma City comes in. Our trained professionals are trained and ready to deal with all the issues that come with bird removal and more. Call 405.816.9700 today!

Problems Birds Create

Birds create messes that can take hours to clean up and is sometimes irreversible. The feces of birds is acidic and can wear away at roofs, window sills, or car paint. The problems they create aren't only about aesthetics. Birds carry countless diseases and should NEVER be handled by untrained and unprepared individuals.

  • Bird droppings cause damage to all sorts of surfaces.
  • Unfortunate nesting areas can hinder the processes of homelife and business. 
  • They carry many diseases that can sometimes be life-threatening. 
  • When birds find a food source, they can strip it clean if there is enough of them. A flock of birds can ruin a garden or crop.

Bird removal services Oklahoma City

Wildlife X Team Bird Control

In order to be successful when proofing for and removing birds, you have to be trained very carefully. Utilizing the wrong sources can waste valuable time and money. That's why it's important to call the Wildlife X Team of Oklahoma City whenever you have a standoff with birds.