Common in both urban and suburban areas of Oklahoma City, several species of birds are greatly enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts. Birds in the Midwest City area including sparrows, woodpeckers, starlings, pigeons, swallows all create unsightly damage to homes and businesses. 

Birds can be responsible for several pleasant interactions with nature, but when they come too close to your home or business (or inside your home or business), they can cause serious trouble. Protect your Bethany, Nichols Hills, Edmond, OKC, Midwest City, Choctaw, Shawnee, Norman, & Moore area home and contact us today! Not all birds are able to handled/removed legally, and many of these bird species allow for seasonal removal. Make sure you do not accidentally break the law by attempting DIY bird removal. 

Learn more about how the bird removal technicians at Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City can help solve your bird problems the right way and keep birds away—call 405.493.8400 today.

Bird Removal

Bird removal services Oklahoma CitySparrow Nesting

  • A common type of sparrow, the house sparrow, is so named because of its tendency to sneak inside siding and foundation holes to nest.

Woodpecker Holes

  • Woodpeckers create holes in siding while looking for their preferred food source: insects. Holes in siding can attract other pests, as well, such as sparrows, squirrels, mice and more.

Starling Crop Damage

  • Starlings are one of the more destructive birds in the country, potentially causing thousands upon thousands of dollars in crop damage.

Pigeon Droppings

  • Pigeon waste is home to psittacosis and salmonella, among others. Psittacosis is a flu-like illness from coming into contact with pigeon droppings. Pigeon droppings are also corrosive and can damage roofs.

Swallow Nesting

  • Often nesting outside in barns and sheds, swallows construct their nests out of mud, feathers and straw—which makes for a big stain on whatever surface it is stuck to. Swallow droppings also fall underneath their nests onto the ground below, often gathering quickly.

Midwest City and Oklahoma City Bird Removal & Bird Prevention Services

Birds are best left outside in nature, not inside your home or near your family. Birds in vents, bird droppings on the roof, and birds in the chimney are all worth a call to Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City at 405.493.8400. We will provide bird-proofing, bird prevention and bird exclusion methods like bird netting and bird deterrents/scare tactics to keep birds away for good. Call today for full-service bird removal and prevention in Bethany, Nichols Hills, Edmond, OKC, Midwest City, Choctaw, Shawnee, Norman, & Moore!

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I travel for work all of the time. My wife does NOT do animals haha, we live out side of the city with some land. These guys have saved my stressed out wife twice already. Professional team and easy to work with.
Emon T.
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