Squirrels can be a joy to see in their natural habitat, scampering up trees and gathering acorns, but when they are suddenly too close for comfort, give us a call. These little critters can easly find their way into your home. Squirrels are considered a pest animal meaning they can be trapped, removed, and relocated — but we don't encourage homeowners to do this work. Call Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City at 405.493.8400 today to address any squirrel problems you may be experiencing.

Squirrel Problemsphoto of squirrel

One of the most common squirrel problems we receive is the damage they can cause inside your home. Attics and walls are common nesting areas for squirrels. Squirrels are also known for:

  • Ripping insulation to make nests.
  • Soiling rooms with urine and feces, both of which can be health hazards. 
  • Stealing birdseed from feeders and scaring songbirds away.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a nuisance, always around and causing trouble. In order to remove squirrels for good, we first recommend contacting a squirel removal expert at Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City by calling 405.493.8400. There are a few steps you can take as a homeowner as well, such as restricting access to birdfeeders and applying repellents to the area. 

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Project: Opossum Removal
These guys are legit as it gets. Man I am not about possums! Those vermin are UGLY and probably would take a finger off if you let them. Had one in the yard and because of the time of day I suspected that maybe it had rabies. Playing it safe I requested Wildlife X come deal with all of that crazy. The team they sent out worked quickly to remove the bugger before any kids or pets got bit. Would use them again in a heartbeat.
Gary L.
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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