Oklahoma City Wildlife Control Companies

At Wildlife X Team, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe environment for both humans and wildlife. Our comprehensive wildlife control services are designed to address the unique challenges posed by nuisance animals. With our expertise and humane approach, we aim to protect your property while promoting coexistence with the diverse wildlife in Oklahoma. These are the reasons why we are one of the best Oklahoma City wildlife control companies. 



Being one of the leading Oklahoma City wildlife control companies, our comprehensive animal control and removal services are designed to address the challenges posed by a variety of troublesome creatures. 

Whether you find raccoons rummaging through your trash, squirrels nesting in your attic, bats roosting in your eaves, or snakes finding their way into your yard, you can trust Wildlife X Team because we are not like any other Oklahoma City wildlife control companies. Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and humane techniques to handle the situation safely and effectively for you.



  • Trapping and removal of raccoons from your property
  • Repairing and sealing entry points to prevent future infestations
  • Safe and humane relocation of captured raccoons
  • Cleaning and sanitizing affected areas to prevent the spread of diseases



  • Identifying and sealing entry points to prevent squirrel intrusion
  • Humanely trapping and removing squirrels from your premises
  • Offering tree trimming services to discourage squirrels from accessing your property
  • Restoring any damage caused by squirrels and implementing preventive measures



  • Conducting thorough inspections to identify bat colonies and their entry points
  • Utilizing exclusion techniques to safely remove bats without causing harm
  • Installing bat valves and other devices to allow bats to exit while preventing re-entry
  • Offering guano removal and sanitization services to eliminate health risks associated with bat droppings



  • Providing snake removal services using safe and effective methods
  • Conducting property assessments to identify and eliminate snake habitats
  • Implementing snake exclusion measures to prevent future intrusions
  • Offering guidance on landscaping and habitat modification to reduce snake activity near your property



Oklahoma experiences distinct seasons that can influence wildlife behavior and activity patterns. During certain times of the year, wildlife encounters and conflicts tend to increase. Not all wildlife control companies in Oklahoma City OK have the staff to serve during these busy seasons. We are well-prepared to handle the surge in wildlife-related issues during the following nuisance wildlife seasons:


Breeding and Birthing Season

  • Addressing increased wildlife presence and conflicts during mating and birthing periods
  • Providing humane removal of wildlife from your property during these critical times
  • Offering preventive measures to minimize the likelihood of animal intrusion during breeding seasons


Hibernation and Nesting Season

  • Assisting with wildlife removal before they enter hibernation or nesting periods
  • Safely relocating wildlife to ensure their survival and prevent property damage
  • Implementing exclusion techniques to protect your property during these vulnerable times

We understand the importance of protecting your property when wildlife invades your living or working space. Wildlife X Team can help you coexistence with the beauty of the wildlife that surrounds you and your property. If you want the help of one of the leading wildlife control companies in Oklahoma City OK, give us a call. We will send out one of our wildlife experts to assess and solve the wildlife issues you are facing.