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Insulation Replacement

Are there raccoons in your attic? Maybe a bat has settled into your chimney or the corner of your attic and is roosting there. Perhaps you have an opossum living in your crawlspace. If your Oklahoma City/Midwest City attic or crawlspace has been impacted by wildlife damage, don't worry. Our trained attic insulation professionals are ready to install insulation in your attic. 

Animal Insulation Damage

  • Raccoons are notorious for using insulation for creating a comfortable nest. They will rip and tear insulation, causing it to lose efficiency.
  • Bat guano will accumulate in the fibers of insulation, making it impossible to clean. At that point, insulation replacement will be necessary.

Professional Insulation Installation

Even if your attic insulation damage is not from wildlife, wet, moldy or low levels of insulation can all impact your home's ability to heat and cool properly, costing you money. Water damage to your roof can cause poor insulation performance (and these holes in your roof can sometimes be caused by squirrels or other wildlife!). 

Water damage can be disastrous to your home and if not addressed, can leave to major foundational issues that can be dangerous for the people living within the house.

Our insulation replacement equipment will help keep your insulation performing at its peak. We also work diligently with many major insurance companies and will work closely with you to make sure your attic is in the best possible shape. Appropriately-insulated attics can help you save money in the long run. We also commonly add to the existing insulation level (also known as capping) of attics. Call our office today at 405.816.9700 or use our contact form to discuss how we can help maximize the performance of your insulation!