Roof Repair: Soffit, Eave, and Fascia

If your house is a suit of armor, the roof would be its shield. Normally, most damage is blocked or deflected by the shield; but what happens when that shield is cracked or broken? You are left vulnerable to the full force of all your enemies swings. A warrior would never go into battle without a strong, sturdy shield to protect themselves so why would you go about your life with a roof damaged by pest animals; you’re living without your best form of defense! That’s where the Wildlife X Team of Oklahoma City comes in! We’re here to repair and prevent damage caused by pests safely, correctly, and efficiently. Call 405.816.9700 today!

Typical Roof Pests and the Damage They Cause


Birds can damage a roof in a number of ways. Consistent droppings on shingles can erode them which means they must be replaced much quicker than expected. When nesting, birds look for a secure space to build. Many times, that ends up being in the gutters. When this happens, it creates standing water which can lead to rotting of the roof. 


Although the roof may be a shield, everything has its weak points. The roof's weak point would be the soffits. Rats can sometimes chew through them and make their way into the attic. In order to keep rats out, it is important to call the Wildlife X Team to trap existing rats, create an exclusion plan, and repair the damage soffits.


Like rats, raccoons can sometimes chew through soffits. However, raccoons can go a step further. If they really want into your house, they can rip shingles off and chew through the roof itself if there are weak spots. If this happens, we can repair the problem and make sure your home doesn't become vulnerable again.

All of these animals create initial problems. If left untreated, the problems they cause can grow into full-on crises. At the first sign of animal damage, call our trusted technicians to make sure you’re well equipped to face these foes and any foe to come.  405.816.9700