Bird Control

Bird Control

Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City bird controlAlthough birds are beneficial to the environment for many reasons (including eating rodents!), they can also pose issues when they get too comfortable around humans. Oklahoma City homeowners and business owners often report bird problems, such as birds nesting in their chimneys, roosting on the roof of their business, and causing general disruption in the area. Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City can get rid of your problem birds! Call our office today at 405.816.9700.

Some common bird problems include:

  • Eating crops
  • Roosting/nesting around Oklahoma City homes
  • Destroying foliage
  • Loud, annoying sounds
  • Feces, odor and feather droppings
  • Diseases or parasites that can be transmitted to humans, including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis

Trust the Professional Bird Removal Team at Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City!

With a proven track record of successful bird removal, Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City is proud to be a complete bird removal company. The trained staff has the knowledge and bird removal tools and scare tactics to properly get pest birds away. Our trained professionals have years of experience handling birds and the laws that protect them. Call Wildlife X Team® Oklahoma City today to solve your bird problem!